Kolahal.com Success Stories

Pradeep Kumar Hui from Kolkata writes (November 10, 2012):

The reservation at Eco Villa Resort at Mandarmoni through Kolahal during peak season like Durga Puja, was very easy and convenient. Their guidance during booking time was very helpful as they advised us not to book a resort / hotel which offers abnormally costly packages during the festivals. Kolahal also offered a special discount during booking which otherwise is not available in case of direct booking.

Shubhabrata Das from Bangalore writes (November 7, 2012):

Booking through Kolahal was peaceful and pleasant experience as the correspondence was prompt and professional.

2 very minor suggestions/issues:
  1. Had requested for 2 specific rooms based on Internet info was kind of promised, although to be fair, it also came with Kolahal disclaimer that it cannot guarantee that. Indeed those 2 rooms would have been better but was not given to us.
  2. Would have liked to receive direction for Eco Villa from Kolahal, by default. Did not specially ask for it thinking it is a small place. Indeed the place is small, but it was somewhat difficult to locate given
    a) the signboard in front was difficult to read we had first taken the (quite bad / adventurous) village road which apparently did not have access to the hotel which was only through beach. So we made 2-3 rounds
    b) what made it worse was that there was no sign for Eco Villa on the road leading to Mandarmani and around while every other major hotel seemed to have plenty of them. (But the hotel staff came out to help us locate.)
Having said that Eco Villa had excellent facility and arrangement --- the staff was very cordial and helpful. On the day of the arrival they called us to find out if we would have lunch there.

Overall wonderful experience. Would love to go back there and stay longer.

Shubhabrata Das
Chairperson & Professor
Quantitative Methods & Information Systems Area
Indian Institute of Management

Soumya Mitra from Kolkata writes (August 29, 2012):

It was a real good experience working with Kolahal. We were three families looking for three rooms in Rose Valley, Mandarmoni, and Kolahol made the booking process so easy. We had a special requirement for three rooms, that too, side by side, and they fulfilled our request. More than that, they were very responsive and could be reached at all times.

Thanks for such service and cooperation and looking forward to similar services in future.


S. Mitra

Swati Ray Dey from Kolkata writes (April 10, 2012):

I wish to thank you for your service through your website Kolahal. When I planned for the short trip to Mandarmoni, I got some references to some hotels from my friends. However, none of those was meeting my requirements. Then I chanced upon Kolahal. The user reviews and the pictures of the hotels helped me a lot in setting my expectation.

When I contacted you for the help to get my booking done based on my list of requirements, you came back with a prompt and unbiased response. I also liked your sensitivity to customer privacy. The whole booking process is completely hassle-free. We do not get such a quality service everyday at Kolkata!

Thank you Kolahal for being so helpful. I wish that you will add many more locations to your fold so that we can come back to you everytime we plan for a trip.


Swati Ray Dey

Sudipta Mukherjee from Kolkata writes (December 22, 2011):

Your site was a great help to me as I found very prompt response from the hotel, and I asked them to book, confirm and collect payment from me as early as possible.

I have visited almost all the countries of the world, but could not find such a nice and quick response from any site except online booking tools.

I wish that your site and your service become more popular among the travellers of Bengal as we are really looking for this kind of service providers.

Best regards,

Sudipta Mukherjee
Manager- Outbound Tours

Parekh House,
161, Lenin Sarani,
Kolkata 700 013, India

Debdeep Chakraborty from Kolkata writes (February 10, 2012):

I am happy to get the chance to thank Kolahal.com for the prompt response and precise guidance they provided for booking resort, based on my need. I never find such an impartial guidance. I would recommend Kolahal.com to all my friends and family members. Even after midnight while I am asking for some information, I am getting reply before the sunrise, that was awesome!!!! It was never in my experience that such a website can help me out to get the perfect resort as per my requirement in almost no time.

Their responses are valuable for tourists since they are recommending like a friend by thinking tourists' needs in mind, not based on hotel or resorts business. I have travelled in many places in India and abroad but I must mention that this kind of free guidance on reservation I have never seen anywhere but my hometown Kolkata. May God bless kolahal.com.....

Jayanta Parial from Kolkata writes (February 8, 2012):

Thank you for your help in selecting a resort in Mandarmani. My stay in Mandarmani and Aqua Marina Drive Inn was fabulous. I enjoyed 3 days of solitude, sea and quiet.

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