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Hotel Sea Hawk, Digha, The front view

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Indranil Indu from Tollygunge, Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: Total 9 times or more - Last on 15th March, 2011

Digha is the most beautiful place in my life. When I first visited Digha-Sundori I was a child of 4-5 years. Then came back with five friends and enjoyed the isolated, peaceful life of Digha. It is also a very hassle free journey from Kolkata.

The last one was my third visit to Sea-Hawk. Three of our close friends visited Sea-Hawk for the first time. Myself, Sankha & Chanchal. Most unfortunately the guy who took all the pain to book the sea-facing divine room from Great Eastern Hotel complex booking centre, Ashish, could not make it due to some office problem. But we three enjoyed the cool, eco-friendly environment of Sea-Hawk.

I think by location it is number 1. We were lost in the salty air of Digha here. Most economical for the location.

One time, I visited with my parents. Sea-Hawk is the hotel where one can come with friends as well as with family. I hope to visit Digha and Sea-Hawk again.

Nilanjana from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 14th May, 2011


This is Nilanjana from Kolkata. I stayed in Sea Hawk with my family for 4 days. We had a gala experience there. The whole campus of the hotel is very good. We had awesome food there, though a bit expensive. But the taste is really good. We got very homely environment. The behaviour of the hotel staff is also very good. I would like to stay there every time I visit Digha. I wish you have great future ahead, Sea Hawk. You are the best.

Hotel Sea Hawk, The main building. Side view.

Hotel Sea Hawk, View from the Back

Sea Hawk: The hotel has a VIP block and some cottages. A cottage.

Hotel Sea Hawk, Digha, Tariff (Dec 24, 2010)

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From Rs 400 for a ground-floor sea-facing double up to Rs 1500 for an a/c double bed.

Hotel Sea Hawk, A small garden with a fountain.

Hotel Sea Hawk, Bedroom

Hotel Sea Hawk, Bedroom, Another View
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