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Ganapati Palace has 12 air conditioned rooms, 14 non air conditioned rooms, and 12 two-storied cottages with 24 air conditioned rooms.

Ganapati Palace, Mandarmoni. Photograph: Ritik Kakoty

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Rishav Gupta from Ranchi writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 22/10/2012

We went to Mandarmoni on our holidays and stayed at Hotel Ganapati Palace, one of the best hotels out there. We stayed there for 2 days and found the food was mouth-watering and very delicious. The ambience of this hotel was uncomparable. The staff was very co-operative and very friendly. It was a great stay at the hotel.

The best thing of the hotel is their swimming pool. We had a blast in swimming pool. And also the indoor games out there were very amazing. Every thing was well maintained and kept tidy. It also has a children's park for the children to play and was very safe. I would visit the place again.

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MOHIT SHARMA from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 30.12.2011

I visited Mandarmani on New Year Day, 2012. Stayed in Ganapati Palace for 2 nights in a cottage. We were 3 couples. Had taken a package for 2 days. We Indians have lived up to our names and have turned the beautiful beach of Mandarmani into yet another dirty muddy place. However, the private beach of Ganapati Palace is far away from the main beach and is very clean and beautiful. The rooms in the cottage are spacious and very clean including the bathroom.

I cannot blame the staff as they were very busy since the whole hotel was booked for the 2 nights of the new year. However, they do try to do their best. The quality of food was good in spite of all meals being on buffet in the package. Otherwise, the restaurant food is really good.

A negative thing is that the hotel has a fishing ground or fish storage just at the back of it from where we enter its private beach. So, it stinks a lot. You can enjoy the swimming pool but only if it is cleaned by their staff. We had to push them repeatedly to clean it! Once it was done, most of the guests enjoyed being in the pool.

Not much to do in the games room. The staff arranged for a programme for the new year's eve. They had an orchestra which the crowd seemed to enjoy a lot. We were in a group so we were basically enjoying amongst ourselves. But I have to say that the hotel had arranged for some amazing and brilliant fireworks when the clock struck 12 and it lasted for a minimum of 10-15 mins.

Overall the stay was comfortable, hygienic and entertaining. Can give a rating of 7 out of 10. I enjoyed myself there. Kudos to the guys in Ganapati Palace. If you do something about your games room and swimming pool then you would get a 9 from me.

Dipankar Banerjee from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 22.04.2011

I visited Mandarmoni for the first time, as I heard a lot about the sea beach of Mandarmoni. We booked a room in Hotel Ganapati Palace from Kolkata as it was a holiday (Good Friday). Thank God we had booked as we saw a huge rush in Mandarmoni; people were returning as there were no rooms. Thanks to Ganapati Palace, we got a room. The hotel is well planned and the staff of the hotel are very polite and dedicated to serve the customer in all respect. We like Hotel Ganapati Palace as it has a vast open area with a swimming pool and a children's park. My child Debojit enjoyed a lot in the swimming pool and throughout the day he was busy with playing in the garden and the games room though he doesn't know how to play table tennis. The game room also has a facility of Snooker. Altogether my best compliments to Hotel Ganapati Palace for nice and enjoyable moments spent over there.

With regards,

Dipankar Banerjee

Ritik Kakoty writes (June 15, 2010):

The first place we went to was all full. The manager suggested a hotel under construction, Ganapati Palace. The room we were shown was not sea facing, all sea facing ones were booked. So we said thank you and were moving out. This was when the sea facing rooms decided to get vacant. I told the manager that we would check out Sana Beach and Rose Valley before deciding. We went there by driving on the beach which was filled to capacity. The watchman at Sana sent us off, all rooms were full, and remember his rates go up to 6 – 8 thousand a night. Next checked Rose Valley, his reception resembled a railway waiting hall. No kidding and no exaggeration here. Checked another resort on the beach, our man had constructed his costliest rooms with their back to the sea. Beautiful. He would not budge on his inflated rate either, “on a weekend I will not reduce” was his customer friendly statement, without a smile. We let it go. By now we were dripping with sweat. A beach photographer took us to another hotel, JP Resort. 3K was the rate there, goodbye I said and the rate became 2K. Still it's a goodbye as it’s not on the beach. Went back and checked in at Ganapati Palace. The staff was courteous, the rooms were good and the air conditioner was blowing cool air. They also had a decent amount of space where Rini could run around. Life was good.

Food is very expensive at Mandarmani, more than at Calcutta, at all the places. Even worse, one has to preorder and then wait for hours for the food to arrive. You just can’t walk into a restaurant and expect to place an order.
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Ganapati Palace, Mandarmoni, Swimming Pool

Ganapati Palace, Mandarmoni, Bedroom

A view of the Bay of Bengal from Ganapati Palace. Photograph: Ritik Kakoty

Ganapati Palace, Mandarmoni, Tariff (September 1, 2012)

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Type Tariff Tax Discount Total
Cottage (DBL, AC) Rs. 3000 Rs. 450 Rs. 450 Rs. 3000
Double bed, AC Rs. 2300 Rs. 345 Rs. 345 Rs. 2300
Double bed, Non-AC Rs. 1500 Rs. 225 Rs. 225 Rs. 1500

Check In 12:00 noon and Check Out 11:30 AM

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