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Priyajeet Resort, Mandarmoni

Kaushik Lahiri from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 19.11.12

It is a nice place to stay in comfort. The rooms and bathrooms are in good condition. We stayed at room no 110, from where the beach is just a few meters. The room is very good with all windows facing the sea. The food is good and all the staff were cooperative with very good behaviour. We stayed there for two days and enjoyed the sea along with good food. All together it is a good place to stay with all modern facilities.

Priyajeet Resort, Mandarmoni, Bedroom, View 1

Priyajeet Resort, Mandarmoni, Bedroom View 2

Priyajeet Resort, Mandarmoni, Bathroom

Priyajeet Resort, Entrance to the resort

Priyajeet Resort, Mandarmani, Tariff (August 10, 2010)

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Sea view DLX 800 Depends on availiability.
Sea view DLX 1000
Sea View S.DLX 1200
Sea view DLX .Triple Bed 1500
Sea view AC DLX 1800
Sea view AC S.DLX 2000
Sea view AC Tripple Bed 2200

Service Charge 10% extra
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Priyajeet Resort Restaurant

Photograph of Priyajeet Resort Restaurant

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