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Pratanu Banerjee writes (in on November 11, 2008):

"I went to Mandarmoni with my father from November 7 to 9, 2008. We stayed at Samudra Sakshi Resort.

We were greeted by the manager of the resort, Mr. Asim Majumdar. He is a lean and thin man with spectacles. He was wearing a light green shirt and a white pant. His face has somewhat wrinkled showing that he has quite a bit of experience in this field showing a cordial attitude towards all visitors.

We stayed in a room called Chayanika. The names of the other rooms were Abantika, Abataranika, Bibhavari, Malabika, Upekshita, Abagasthita, Anamika, etc. The interior of the room was painted yellow with one bathroom attached to it. There was a color television. The electricity was generated by a petrol driven generator. There was a double bed with a dressing table. The room charge was Rs. 440 per day.

In the evening, the stars in the sky were clearly visible. The front of our lodge had a garden with colorful flowers. We took dinner that night and walked for a while in a shelter in front of the dinner room. The cemented path was lit by fluorescent lamps. A soothing cool breeze was blowing. A straw gazebo with a round table overlooked the sea. There were three water enclosures in the resort. One was used for fishing, the other two were used for bathing. We thought of taking pomphret fish for lunch but canceled it as the price of the plate was Rs. 85 while an ordinary non-vegetarian meal would cost Rs. 65 and the lodge charged Rs. 45 for vegetarian meal.

Asim Majumdar is a good manager with a soft voice. He is a cheerful person with good communication skill. "

Bhaskar Mukherjee writes (in

"On last Good Friday i.e. on 2.4.2010 I along with my family members visited Mandarmani and stayed again at SAMUDRA SAKSHI RESORT. It is my sixth visit in last three years. I came to know SAMUDRA SAKSHI after much effort in my first visit. Actually, I myself have a land where I am planning to make a hotel/resort. But I am really envious of the location of Samudra Sakshi. There are many star category hotels/resorts you would find at Mandarmani but with respect to location Samudra Sakshi is the best. It is also the CHEAPEST among all. Any middle class person who thinks that Mandarmani would be an expensive choice, I suggest to him/her to contact the management of Samudra Sakshi. The ambience is unique, the behaviour of all the staff is excellent. They serve a good cuisine."

Anupam Barua writes (in

"I visited Mandarmani on 24.12.2008. I went there from Digha and thought if I could manage one room there I could stay there for a night. I spent most of my funds in Digha and searched for an inexpensive hotel in Mandarmani. I perhaps visited all the hotels/resorts except some bigger ones. I found Samudra Sakshi Resort was in best location among all the hotels/resort in Mandarmani. The location of the resort was so good that you can enjoy inside the resort's lawn or can spend your time either in its park or sitting arrangement over the beach. The resort served Bengali style food. My children played all the time in its park. The parking place of this resort is quite good. I wonder how the resort management could mange when they offer their room for Rs. 400/- only. I liked the ambience of Mandarmani, it is not as crowded as Digha. There is serenity and calm which heal your drudgery and rejuvenate your whole body as well as your soul"

tapobrata writes (in

"Samudra Sakshi Resort is situated in the best location in the whole of Mandarmani. This is a good resort and its restaurant also serves homely delicious food. Probably this is the best resort for the budget tourist in any respect. The room tariff starts from Rs.400/-. I had been there for three times in the last two years. The ambience is very homely which attracts me the most."

Samudra Sakshi Resort, Mandarmoni, Tariff (August 12, 2010)

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Samudra Sakshi EP
Double Bed 500/-,800/-
4 Bed 1200/-
AC Double 1800/-

checkin: 12 Noon; checkout: 11.30 PM.

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