Saino Guest House, Takdah

Saino Guest House, Takdah

Our Saino Experience

Bodhisattva Dasgupta
Date of Visit:       January 16, 2015

We had a wonderful experience in Takdah. The view on all area around the Guest House is beautiful and can't ask for more.

The family is so welcoming, it was almost embarassing, and the property was frankly one of the most historic and beautiful we have stayed in.
Wonderful experience overall.

The room and bathroom were fantastic. The food was very very good. Excellent home cooked food. Can't ask for more from the Guest House owners, the whole family is just wonderful.

The road from NJP to Takdah is not in good condition at all places, but it is not something I am worried about. Mr Singh, the driver of the Innova car that was sent by Saino to pick us up from NJP, became a personal friend in the journey.
There are huge road repair works on the road from Saino to Darjeeling.
So timing has to be managed.

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Saino Guest House, Takdah, Map

Saino Guest House, A Double Bedroom

Saino Guest House, A Triple Bedroom

A View from Saino Guest House
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Saino Guest House, Takdah, Tariff (August 12, 2014)

Room Type Tariff (Rs)
Double 1300
Triple 1800
Extra Bed 300

Food - Aged 11 and above - Rs 600 per day

Food - Aged 6 to 10 - Rs 300 per day

Food - Aged 3 to 5 - Rs 100 per day

Driver's accommodation - Free

Driver's food - Rs 150

Room heater charge in triple bedroom - Rs 250 (6 PM -10 PM)

Fire at fireplace in double-bed room - Rs 300 (6.30 PM - 10 PM )

Pick up charge from NJP to Takdah is Rs 2800. 3 hours drive.

Charge from Takdah to Darjeeling + sight seeing around Takdah - Rs 3500

Saino Guest House requires the room tariff to be paid in advance.
Account Information for advance payment:

Account Holder's Name:      KOLAHAL TRAVEL GUIDE
Account Number:      00000034742199281
IFSC Code:      SBIN0013124
Account Type:      CURRENT

Refund Policy:
A booking can be rescheduled within 3 months of the check-in date.

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Saino Guest House, A bathroom

Takdah: Takdah is a little secret tucked away neatly in the folds of the Darjeeling hills. However it is quite central to all the places of interest around here. It is about 60 km away from both NJP, the nearest railhead, and Bagdogra, the only airport in North Bengal. Kalimpong too is not far, being situated to the east, at a distance of about 40 km. Darjeeling is closer at about 28 km.

The history of Takdah goes way back to the times of the British Raj when it was established as a military cantonment. The architecture of the place hence is colonial. Although the British have left, these buildings which are now mostly owned by the locals give a taste of living that the officers of the Raj were accustomed to.

The Guest House: Saino is a British Officers Bungalow built in 1907. It has been restored to its current form so that guests can enjoy the heritage of the past along with the most modern amenities. The rooms are large and spacious and come with their own attached bathrooms.

The double bedded rooms have their own fire places. This is something quite unique to Saino. Takdah can get quite cold at times. One has to simply experience the warm glow of the crackling fireplace to understand why it is such a big hit with the guests.

On request a bonfire can be arranged in the lawn during winter season. Like all officers' bunglow of the Raj, Saino Guest House has a large verandah over looking a big lawn and garden. Besides colourful seasonal flowers and the lush green Mexican grass, the lawn has two exquisitely designed water fountains of 1907 vintage. The sunrise seen from each bedroom is unforgettable.

Nearby Places of Interest

Tea Gardens: Darjeeling of course produces the world's best tea. Some of it is produced in tea gardens that are situated at a walking distance from Saino. Rungli Rungliot, Gielle, Namring, Jinglam, Poomong and Testa Valley, are some of the tea gardens to which tours can be organized. Besides the rolling green slopes of the tea gardens, guests can also visit the factory and see how their favourite beverage is prepared.

Orange orchards of Mangwa: Besides tea, oranges are the organic gifts of the Darjeeling hills to the world. These fruits are grown in well maintained, picturesque orchards about 12 kms from Saino. Visits to orchards can be arranged for Saino guests. For city dwellers, it is an especially exhilarating sight to see the trees laden with the golden yellow fruit. The orchards also have a small factory that bottles orange juice. Visitors can buy bottles of these organic juices as souvenirs.

TinChuley: 3 km away from Saino lies the hamlet of Tinchuley. Tinchuley offers a commanding view of the Himalayan ranges. The sunrise seen from here is a spectacle to behold.

Durpin: Situated at a distance of 10 kms from Saino. Durpin offers a satellite view of the Teesta river as it meanders through the folds of the bluish-green hills. When the sky is clear a view of Mt.Kunchunjunga can be enjoyed.

Forest Walks: Thickly wooded coniferous forests maintained and cared for by the Forest Department are situated at a walking distance from Saino. It is an exhilarating experience to trek through these pine-scented forests. The silence occasionally punctuated by the sounds of birds chirping can be stunning. The air is fresh and sweetly scented by the pine. Sometimes, especially if one is motoring through these areas in the night, it is possible to stare eyeball to eyeball with a leopard in the undergrowth.

Lamahatta: Lamahatta, a new destination for tourists is just 13 kms (via road) from Saino. Guests interested in trekking can go for a short trek through jungle from Saino to Lamahatta and return via Tinchulay enjoying the natural beauty of coniferous forest and Mt.Kunchunjunga. To complete the trek one has to walk 4-5 hour

Transportation: One can get a taxi from Siliguri or NJP or Bagdogra. The fare is around Rs 2800. A shared taxi is available from behind Vishal cinema hall, 2nd mile, Sevoke Road or from Ranjit garage behind 9/10 hotel, Sevoke road, Siliguri. The fare is Rs 90 per person. The fare from Darjeeling is Rs 1400 for a taxi. The fare is Rs 60 per head in a shared taxi.

Saino Guest House, Takdah Photo Album - 1

Saino Guest House, Takdah Photo Album - 2

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