W.B.F.D.C: Buxa Jungle Lodge, Rajabhatkhawa

Visit the most beautiful village in Bengal.
Chatakpur Eco Resort, Near Darjeeling
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WBFDC: Buxa Jungle Lodge, Rajabhatkhawa Nature Resort.
Photograph: Soma Banerjee
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Pritam Ghosh from Alipurduar writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 19-10-2015

Buxa Jungle Lodge is well decorated.
The room and the bathroom are very clean.

The staff members of Buxa Jungle Lodge are very good.

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WBFDC: Buxa Jungle Lodge, Tariff (October 1, 2015)

Room Name Bed Bath Type Tariff (Rs)
Bashra-First Floor (Non-A/C)(Unit-1) 4 Non-Attached Ba Family Room 2400
Mahagony (Non-A/C)(Unit-I) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 1900
Bala-First Floor (Non-A/C)(Unit-1) 2 Attached Bath Family Room 1600
Dima -First Floor(Non-A/C)(Unit-1) 4 Attached Bath Family Room 2400
Khonjona (Non-A/C)(Unit-2) 4 Attached Bath Gr. Fl. Family Room 3400
Bontiya (A/C)(Unit-2) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2400
Boshontobouri (A/C)(Unit-2) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2400
Doyel (A/C)(Unit-2) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2400
Finge (A/C)(Unit-2) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2400
Koyel (A/C)(Unit-2) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2400
Koronjiya (A/C)(Unit-3) 2 Attached Bath Room 4200
Poronjiya (A/C)(Unit-3) 2 Attached Bath Room 3700
Ruparpatiya (A/C)(Unit-3) 2 Attached Bath Room 3200
Tilaiya (A/C)(Unit-3) 2 Attached Bath Room 3700
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Siliguri Office Address
43 Sarat Bose Road , Hakimpara Siliguri – 734 001,
Dist.-Darjeeling,WB, India

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Buxa Jungle Lodge, Rajabhatkhawa, Bedroom
Photograph: Soma Banerjee

WBFDC: Buxa Jungle Lodge, Rajabhatkhawa: Lobby
Photograph: Soma Banerjee

Buxa Jungle Lodge, Rajabhatkhawa, Landscape
Photograph: Soma Banerjee

WBFDC: Buxa Jungle Lodge, Rajabhatkhawa, Hallway
Photograph: Bappaditya Paul

WBFDC: Buxa Jungle Lodge, Rajabhatkhawa.
Photograph: Soma Banerjee
Mrs Sanghamitra Banerjee from Siliguri writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Dates of visit: 19-9-2014 to 20-9-2014

Our experience at Buxa Jungle Lodge was good. Since the canteen was not properly running during our stay, there was a bit inconvenience regarding food.

But the kitchen staff tried to help us.

There was frequent power cuts at the time we stayed there.

Overall, Buxa Jungle Lodge was good.

Sunil Chakraborty from Agarpara, Kolkata, writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: 02.01.2013

One day stay at WBFDC Buxa Jungle Lodge has given me immense pleasure. The lodge has a beautiful garden, lovely rooms & homely food at very much affordable price. I was simply moved by the scenic beauty of Rajabhatkhawa station, Jayanti river and the hills (a few kms from the lodge). During my trip to Jayanti I visited a natural pond climbing on a hill approximately 1100 ft high and watched big MAGUR fishes and tortoises which was a scene to remember. The behaviour of the lodge staff members was very pleasant for which I must thank them.
SOMEN SENGUPTA from Calcutta writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: March 2012

The resort is nestled on the lap of nature & indeed has a picture post card back ground. The best thing is that there is no mobile signal available. The food is very ordinary & service is so so but people employed are cordial. Go there in a small group & ensure after the sundown you all assemble at courtyard with hot coffee & pakoda supplemented with the best ghost story that you can share - needless to say power cut is frequent there - so imagine how will it feel in dark !!!!

A nice place for 2 nights & for newly married even 7 days will be cool.
Mr. Sengupta's article on Lepchajagat appears on the Lepchajagat page of kolahal.com. His other articles and photographs can be found on his website www.somensengupta.com

Bappaditya Paul writes:

At around 11 am, the train halted at our destination – the tiny Rajabhatkhawa station. From there, a 5 – 7 minute walk along the rails took us to the Buxa Jungle Lodge, which has been developed by the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation.

The very first glimpse of the new building of the jungle lodge left everyone spellbound, as none expected to see such lavishness amidst a forest. Marbled floors, decently decorated interiors and sophisticated bathrooms equipped with modern gadgets – what else could one ask for in a place like this?

The newly constructed lodge, inaugurated on 29 January this year (2006), has 24 – hours check – in facility and accommodates five large double bedrooms and one 12–bedded dormitory with a lovely surrounding veranda. For the sake of information, a double bedroom costs Rs 800 per day while the dormitory comes for Rs 1200. The rooms can be booked in advance at any West Bengal tourism department counter.

On the east of the lodge lie broad–gauge rail tracks. On the western fringe is a vulture culture centre of the forest department and a few old lodges. The south is covered by dense forests and in the north lies the narrow trail that connects the lodge with the lone village market. Santhalabari – the last human habitat on the way to Buxa Sanctuary, is located at a distance of around 15 km from Rajabhatkhawa village. Jayanti and Buxa Road – the other two tourist spots in the vicinity, are located at 15 and 10 km respectively.

After sipping two rounds of refreshing tea served by the lodge canteen, it was time for lunch. And here, it would be unfair if one does not take time off to describe the food served and the hospitality of the concerned staffs. Meals at the Buxa Forest Lodge would remind one of homemade delicacies. Although the usual fare could be called a non-vegetarian’s delight, the canteen readily dishes out vegetarian and even continental stuff on request. The general air of cordiality adds much to the feeling of well – being and enjoyment.

It seemed as if time stood still as we loitered across the nearby forest, all through the afternoon – listening to the whispers of wilderness. A small bridge in the vicinity lent itself as a perfect rendezvous while we watched the sun sailing into oblivion.

There are a few sites one should not forget to visit while at Rajabhatkhawa – the Forest Interpretation Centre, the sprawling garden of herbs and the animal rescue centre – where injured wild tigers and leopards rescued from the Buxa forests are treated.

The next morning dawned earlier than usual; we were to start our journey into the Buxa forests by 7 am. But with due honour to the Indian Standard Time or the IST, we finally took off an hour late – as the gongs from a nearby tea garden suggested.

Prior to entering the Buxa territory, it is necessary to obtain pass from the WBFDC tourist registration gate located at the Rajabhatkhawa T – point. Charges are nominal – Rs 10 for an adult and Rs 25 for a vehicle.

The 15 – km journey up to Santhalabari would seem like a 150 – km ride on camelback – if not more. The road is simply terrible. However, one does not end up blaming the state government, as it is this very road condition that suits the ambience most; after all, one is deep inside a jungle and not on a Delhi expressway!

Wonder of wonders – the cell phones that flashed “no network” message at Rajabhatkhawa, suddenly become functional at Santhalabari. Due to being located at a higher altitude, this is the lone spot enroute the Buxa where from one can make calls.

At Santhalabari, prior to intruding into the deep woods, it is mandatory to register names with the Sasastra Seema Bal’s 23 Battalion post located there. This facilitates the tracking of tourist inflow into the Buxa and at the same time works as a database in case of any untoward happening.

From Santhalabari, one is required to chart the expedition on foot. It is now a five – kilometre uphill walk along the narrow serpentine path. And before long, the fascinating Buxa Fort is in view – to reward the day’s hard work.

The author is a journalist with The Statesman, India, and this article is sourced from his blogsite – marginalmatters.wordpress.com – with due consent.

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