W.B.F.D.C: Murti Nature Resort

Visit the most beautiful village in Bengal.
Chatakpur Eco Resort, Near Darjeeling
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WBFDC: Murti Nature Resort.
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Sanghamitra Dey from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Date of visit: June 1, 2015

First of all I wanted to share that I booked rooms in WBFDC Banani after seeing the reviews in Kolahal and have no regrets for that. We booked Lees (non a/c), Kurti (non a/c), and Sukti (a/c) rooms. Rooms were pleasant and tidy. Staff help must be appreciated. Food quality is very good and also very tasty.

The view and the location of Banani is incomparable as the river Murti is just by your doorstep. Beautiful river, you can get a bath there. Just on the other side of river Murti is Gorumara forest. So sitting in your veranda you will enjoy everything with a nice cup of tea.
We stayed there for two days and surely going to visit again.

Rituparna Ray Dasgupta from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Dates of visit: May 1, 2015 - May 2, 2015

I am pleased to inform you that we had a pleasant stay at WBFDC Murti Resort. Arrangements were very good and service was excellent.
The resort staff members always helped us when we required and guided us.
Thanks for everything.

Sugata Chakraborty from Kolkata writes to Kolahal Travel Guide:
Dates of visit: March 25, 2015 - March 27, 2015

I had quite a good experience during my stay at WBFDC Murti Resort.

My room and bathroom were reasonably clean. Food was good. Resort staff members were polite and courteous. I enjoyed my trip to Murti.

From New Mal Junction I took a taxi cab that charged me Rs 460/- to reach Banani, Murti.

Photo Album - 1 - Murti Nature Resort
Photo Album - 2 - Murti Nature Resort

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Murti Area Map

Arrive at New Mal Junction Railway Station at 9:15 A.M. from Sealdah by Kanchan Kanya Express. Ask any taxi driver to take you to Murti, WBFDC. The distance of Murti, WBFDC, from New Mal Junction Railway Station is 18 K.M.

WBFDC: Murti Nature Resort, Tariff (November 20, 2016)

Room Name Bed Bath Type Tariff (Rs)
Diana (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 2200

Doyel Cottage (A/C) (Gr. Floor) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 2600

Garati (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2200

Indong (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2200

Jaldhaka (A/C) 2 Attached Bath First Floor Room 2400

Koyel Cottage (A/C) (Gr. Floor) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 2600

Kurti (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2200

Lees Family Room (Non-A/C) 2 -TIER BUNK 4 Attached Bath Ground Floor Room 2000

Munia Cottage (A/C) (First Floor) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 2800

Murthy (A/C) 2 Attached Bath First Floor Room 2400

Myna Cottage (A/C) (First Floor) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 2800

Rethi (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Cottage 2200

Sukti (A/C) 2 Attached Bath First Floor Room 2200

Teesta Deluxe (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Suites 3400

Torsha (A/C) 2 Attached Bath First Floor Room 2400

Booking Procedure
Step 1. Send us a reservation request.
Step 2. We will send you an e-mail with availability information.
Step 3. Call our Siliguri office and confirm. Or send us a confirmation by e-mail
Step 4. Deposit tariff and tax to the bank account given above.

Tax: 9% for Non-AC, 14% for AC
WBFDC requires us to collect the entire tariff and tax at the time of booking.
Step 5. Send us the following information by e-mail:
  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Full address (City, State, Pin Code)
  4. Mobile No
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Step 6. We will send you WBFDC booking documents. Govt photo id is needed for check-in in any hotel in Bengal.

Photographs on New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and Taxi Stand

Charge for a car in Dooars, 2015, October

Route Non-peak times Peak Season including Puja
New Jalpaiguri to Malbazar (56 KM) Rs 1300 to
Rs 1400
Rs 1700 to Rs 2000
Malbazar to Samsing, Suntalekhola, to Jhalong and Bindu (65 KM) Rs 1800 Rs 2200 - Rs 2400
Malbazar to Lava (50 KM) Rs 1500 to
Rs 1600
Rs 2000
New Mal Junction to Lataguri (28 KM) Rs 700
to Rs 800
Rs 1000

Photograph: Sayantan Thakur

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Murti Nature Resort. Another Building

Murti Nature Resort. Rethi Cottage
Photograph: Sayantan Thakur

Murti Nature Resort. Interior of Rethi Cottage
Photograph: Sayantan Thakur

Photo Album - 1 - Murti Nature Resort
Photo Album - 2 - Murti Nature Resort

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Interior of Murti Nature Resort

Murti Nature Resort. Bedroom Sitting Area

Murti River
Photograph: Sayantan Thakur

Photo Album - 1 - Murti Nature Resort
Photo Album - 2 - Murti Nature Resort
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A Diary of Silence
Sayantan Thakur


The train was more than four hours late when it reached New Mal Junction! The yellowish faint light of the winter Sun welcomed us on the road towards Murti. We smelled the forest beyond the cityscape. An 18 km journey from New Mal to Murti W.B.F.D.C. Banani cottage set our mood, all journey lag disappeared. It was around 2 P.M. when we first saw our cozy bamboo-cottage named RETHI at W.B.F.D.C. Murti resort. My wife and I were speechless to see the surroundings: a dense forest, GORUMARA National Park area, and Murti River beside it. A mild warm sunlight scattering over the landscape. Oh! Our eyes got relaxed after the long day!

We planned for four days nature retreat at Murti. It had been advised by our friends that it was too long to stay at Murti! But my wife and I were keen to stay because we were not only there to spot some wildlife but we believe, trees, ancient trees are always a relief, after people. And obviously I needed time to unpack my lenses!

Night was starting to spread her beauty with the deep blue color over the Murti river bed. The mysterious fog made a light shadow. Only the sound of Murti! A pristine, isolated landscape with all of its unrevealed mystery.

Often people discuss the unresponsiveness of government officers. But I had a very positive experience in Murti. I must mention here the warm hospitality of the W.B.F.D.C. staff at Murti Banani. Specially Bit Officer Mr. Pankaj Banerjee (Wildlife Division 2). I had made an early contact with him, before reaching Murti, and he gave me the necessary information. On topics ranging from local car hiring to safari arrangement.

Murti Banani is an example of modern tourism, eco tourism and hospitality. I learned the eco-tourism concept of W.B.F.D.C. from Mr. Banerjee.
It involves local people more in tourism. I found at Murti Banani local young staff in dining room to organize the canteen. The behavior of the staff and room service are very good.

Tourism not only helps to enjoy scenic beauty but it creates jobs for the local people and involves them in the entire process. West Bengal Forest Department has done a fantastic job in this area. Not only in Murti, but everywhere in Wildlife Division 2, (Chapramari and Gorumara) I found good hospitality. There are plenty of services to help the tourist.

I got a glimpse of this service when I received a reply of some routine travel queries from the D.F.O. (Sumita Ghatak) of Wildlife Division 2. It was quite unexpected but really amazing for the tourist. A big thanks to W.B.F.D.C. and D.F.O., Wildlife Division 2.


In the morning, a reddish light started to fill the entire landscape gradually! We were getting ready for our day trip to Jhalong and Bindu. A local young man, from Chalsa, Mr. Amalendu (9832240729) arranged a car (Alto) for us for the entire trip. He is a gentleman and his rate is quite good. Jhalong and Bindu are lovely hills with attractive landscape. But I personally prefer to stay at a forest area for the whole day.

Again evening! This day the Murti resort night guard arranged a bonfire.
We sat together there. He is really a nice and friendly person. One interesting story I heard from him may attract the Dooars researcher! The place where now Murti Banani is located was formerly a wild elephant training camp of LalJi — the famous elephant expert, Satish Chandra Barua, elder brother of filmmaker Pramothes Barua. I was surprised to hear this. Even the guard claims he saw “LalJi” in his childhood. The description of LalJi was more or less the same as what I read in books. He also claims he saw Parbati Barua. Anyway it was an interesting evening with him.


The wake up call was at sharp 5.00 A.M. An Amazing dawn it was. Our first trip to Gorumara National Park. From W.B.F.D.C. Murti, Mr Banerjee asked his staff to book the safari for us, on the previous day. There are cars available on sharing basis, but we preferred a gypsy for us (two guests) only to avoid noise made by others and to set up my camera gears properly. The cost was around 1300 INR (including all). Our guide was marvellous on his job. He was the most experienced one.

At 6.15 we were at Gorumara national park gate! It was mysterious; from far off it seems a unity, it can be comprehended, described, but closer it begins to separate, to break into light and shadow, the density blinds one. Within there is no form, only prodigious detail that reaches everywhere: exotic sounds, spills of sunlight, foliage, fallen trees, insects, silence, flowers. A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.
An ancient silence covered both of us. We forgot to talk or even utter any word. Only the guide was informing us about the national park in his soft voice. At the watch tower, the unbelievable noise made by the other tourists disappointed us! Every one was acting just like, they came to see only wildlife in a zoo, nothing else. My wife said they don't even know how to see a dense forest! I feel really sad for this kind of so called educated people. Our guide read our mind and suggested that we move. We enjoyed the forest with the slow drive of our gypsy!

In the evening we visited Chapramari. It was also booked on the previous day! The dim light of the afternoon made the forest appear unnatural! When we were returning, a red full moon was in the sky! The vast, invisible ocean of moonlight overhead fell on the ground and formed a stunning appearance.


It was our last day in Murti, Banani. We planned a small trip towards Suntaley Khola camp of W.B.F.D.C. It was a nice day to remember. At night, it was time to say farewell to our trip. We both, just sat at our cottage balcony to see the river bed, beside forest, listen to the music of the ancient forest! The moonlit night sky was clear. Beside the pristine nature, we felt guilty for the human activities impacting the forest and the wildlife around us!

Some Quick tips:
  1. Please don't carry any vibrant colored cloth. Try to wear dull color.
  2. Keep enough cash with you! Because the only working ATM is located in Mal Bazar. I faced this problem.
  3. Try to book a car from the local people
  4. Carry some emergency medicines.
  5. Carry photo ID copies with the original. It is needed and there is no shop to copy.
  6. Do not smoke in the forest.
  7. Please don't expect to spot wildlife right away. Observe the nature! The night guard told to go to the forest with an open mind!

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